Weight Loss Tips & Tricks

Empty your house of junk food. If you have temptations left and right you are going to be more likely to cave. If your like me and have a family and can't rid your house of junk food, at least rid your house of your favorite junk food! I will buy my daughter and my husband snacks, but I avoid buying ones that are my favorite. This compromise makes it easier to stay on track.

Make water your best friend (at least 8 to 10 glasses a day). I know that you have heard this at least a hundred times... but that's because it's a must! The more you drink the fuller you will feel and you want to stay hydrated for your workouts. Plus your body won't retain as much water because you are always constantly replenishing yourself. At Walmart I recently found a nice (and very large) mug that holds 52 oz of water and will keep it cold for up to 12 hours! It’s called “Bubba” lol, and it was less then $10 so it’s a pretty good buy. Having something that holds almost all of my water intake allows me to ensure that on work days I am still getting in my H20

Log your calories…if you don’t burn more then you consume you’ll always gain. This is true no matter what type of food you eat. Even if you eat 100% healthy, if you consume more then you burn you are still going to gain weight. I recommend the website/app MyFitnessPal. It's easy to use and will help you keep track of everything you eat. There are easy to use food searches, and you can even scan barcodes to find the food you are eating. If counting calories isn’t your thing then I highly recommend the program 21 Day Fix. The meal plan for the fix is awesome and I was able to lose over 10 inches in three weeks! If you want to learn more about the 21 Day Fix click HERE

Get an accountability partner. I always push myself harder when I have an accountability partner. You can even get a free beach body coach like me :)When you check in daily with someone you are less likely to skip workouts and eat foods you shouldn't. I host monthly challenge groups as well, which are a great accountability tool. Email me (resolutionslimdown@gmail.com) if you are interested in joining my next group or are looking for one on one support.

Post your health motivations/goals, or find a creative way to keep track of your goals. There are unlimited ways you can keep track of your goals. A simple pinterest search will give you lots of idea.. One thing I like to do is put a picture of my goal outfit on my fridge so I am less likely to do some midnight snacking. Making inspiration boards of your goals will also help you focus. I hang one up in my study and it really keeps me motivated to keep going!

Base your weight loss accomplishments off of how your clothes fit not the scale.Trust me on this. You don't want to let the scale dictate your weight loss, especially if you are lifting weights. When you start exercising you will gain muscle, so even if the scale doesn't budge you might have lost plenty of inches.

Take baby steps. The chances of you sticking with it long term is if you don’t all of a sudden make yourself miserable.Don't jump into something drastically different. You don't want to go straight from couch potato to doing P90X... some people are able to, but most will be too discouraged and give up right away. If you take baby steps and transition into working out you will more then likely stick with it!

Make simple swaps. Trust me, it all adds up. Swap mayonnaise for mustard (or at least light mayo), white bread for wheat, or get veggies as a side instead of fries if you have to eat out.You will drastically slash your calories and will see your waistline start to shrink.

Sleep… Your body can’t repair itself right if you don’t get enough Zzzzs.I am guilty of not getting enough sleep and trust me I can tell a big difference in my body on days I don't get enough sleep. Your body needs time to repair itself.

Just because you slip up, doesn’t mean the whole day is a bust. Get right back on track, you’ll thank yourself later that you didn’t just binge the rest of the day because of one mistake.We all know we are guilty of letting our diet go out the window once we make one mistake. You don't want to add more damage to your day, so just get right back on track. Would you rather gain an ounce or a pound that day?


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