Thursday, April 9, 2015

I'm Back

Sorry I have been a little MIA lately.

As you all know I have been feeling not the best lately but after a bit of nice relaxation and soul searching I feel a million times better! My new dose of thyroid medication has everything back on track.

Recently I have also joined weight watchers and started up Insanity Max 30. Unfortunately this means that I will not be posting anymore 21 Day Fix recipes for the time being, but I am debating on starting up a new Weight Watcher section!

Weight Watchers has allowed me to just focus on moderation and eat foods that make me feel good. I believe that the stress about eating clean contributed to my health issues and now I feel a million times better. Lately I have felt so good that I have completed 2 weeks of Max 30 and have been able to make it through all the workouts. Usually I would have given up by now on something so hard but like Shaun T says, did deep! The workouts are short and are only 30 minutes plus what I love the most is it offers a modifier that can be viewed at all times of the workout!! I am excited to see where I will be at the end of month 2 and hope I can share some amazing results with all of you.

Other then that life is great. Being done with school has also allowed me to de-stress even more. Of course there are other life stresses at the moment that I might share at another time. I am just trying to focus on the positive on the moment and realize how blessed I am!

I am curious to see who all out there that reads this blog is also a member of Weight Watchers. Feel free to connect with me. I would love to connect with other members :)


  1. I completed Max 30 as well. Love that program! I didn't really lose any weight, but I did tone up. I was a little frustrated with myself because I didn't lose weight, but I wanted to make sure I was calorie-ed up so I could get through his workouts. Shortly after Max 20, I did 21 Day Fix for the first time. Good news and bad news with that program. Bad news-I couldn't get through Max 30 workout with those few calories. Good news, I lost 4 pounds the first 4 days, and I realized that truly if you do cut your calories, you will lose weight. But more bad news after 21 Day Fix, it made me want to binge eat....and binge eat I did. This whole weight loss/healthy lifestyle, etc, etc. is a daily battle and a process and something I will have to deal with for the rest of my life.......every day! But with each program, I learn something new about myself.
    Luckily warm weather is here, and I do better with all that afore mentioned stuff!!
    Good luck to you!!

    1. Congrats on completing Max 30 and 21 Day Fix. Sorry to hear that the 21 Day Fix made you want to binge eat. Like you had mentioned though warm weather is here and I agree that it is much easier to lose weight in the warmer months. What program are you doing now?