Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January Update with Ashley...Goals, Brazil Buttlift, and More

So I have completed 3 full days of Brazil Buttlift, and I will admit it, that program is no joke! I still have my workout to finish tonight to make day 4 complete and my legs are wondering what the heck is going on. There is no doubt that I should be able to not only tone my tush but also trim down my thighs as well. As I mention in the vlog below the videos can be a little cheesy but that's fine as long as they get the job done! I am pretty excited to see where I will be about after 30 days!

Other then starting Brazil Buttlift I also received the 3 Day Refresh in the mail. It didn't come until late on Saturday so my plan is to start it this coming Monday so I can go to the store and pick up enough fresh fruit and veggies. I am pretty excited to see how much I can lose on the refresh. I feel that this will be a good way to help me get back into the swing of things.

Between taking a break for some medical issues and indulging a little too much during the holidays I have packed on 8 lbs in the last month. I am definitely NOT proud of that, but I am only human. The only thing I can do now is get back on track which is exactly what I did this weekend.

I didn't mention my stats in the video, but figured I would put them up here for the world to see. Currently I am at 139.6...no where near where I want to be! My goal is to be at 127 by this spring. This February I will be starting a test group out for the 21 Day Fix Extreme and know that I can hit my goal with completing that program. If you are interested in joining me e-mail me at resolutionslimdown@gmail.com. I will only be adding a few people into the group so make sure to reserve your spot soon!

This week I decided that I would share with you one of my favorite recipes, Chicken Marsala. By simply switching out the canola oil for olive oil this recipe fits into the fix and counts as 1 red and 1 yellow.

CHICKEN MARSALA - from Fitness Magazine

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