Saturday, September 20, 2014

Change Your Life and Contribute to a Great Cause

So Beachbody just made some BIG announcements and I couldn't help but share them with all of you! First as you all know I am impatiently waiting on the release of P90 this coming Tuesday, September 23rd! Well Beachbody not only announced that the challenge pack will go on sale starting on day one for only $170! That's a $70 savings! BUT Beachbody also announced that for the first 50,000  sold they will donate $5 per challenge pack to Wounded Warrior! The possibility that such a great organization could have a quarter of a million dollars donated to them has me pretty excited! In the spirit of giving I have decided that for any challenge pack (P90 or other) purchased through me I will double Beachbody's donation to Wounded Warrior!

Anyways... the announcements don't stop there! Beachbody has also announced that they will be releasing two new programs in the near future. The two programs are Insanity Max: 30 and (drum roll please)... 21 Day Fix Extreme!! The preview for the 21 Day Fix Extreme has me pretty pumped!! I am already in love with the original 21 Day Fix program and can't wait to get my hands on this new addition. The planned release for Insanity is December but it looks like we will have to wait until February for the release of 21 Day Fix Extreme :(

To hold us over though they have release a pretty awesome trailer for the 21 Day Fix Extreme, which I have posted below!

If your interested in purchasing a challenge pack from me please shoot me an e-mail at or simply click on my Fitness Store tab at the top. Just make sure that when you go to check out and create your Beachbody account (at the bottom of the checkout screen) it has my name listed:

If you already have an Independent Beachbody Coach and have either tried to contact them for info/help and they have have not responded to you or if you would just like to have me as your personal Beachbody coach all you have to do to switch over is e-mail Coach Relations at with the Subject Title: Coach Change Request and simply copy and paste the following information:

To Whom, it Concerns,
I would like to change my beachbody coach effective immediatey to:
Name: Ashley Armour / Coac ID #: 337607 / Email Address:

XO Ashley

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