Monday, September 1, 2014

Better Late then Never

This weekend was full of fun, food, and family; and it’s hard to believe the three day weekend is almost over with. I figured with the extra day I would be able to accomplish a lot more, but I over estimated my abilities. I did however get most of my recipes done this weekend and ended up posting them last last night (sorry had to watch my Falling Skies season finale!, yes I know I am such a Nerd)

There were a few recipes that I promised though that I didn’t post. I made the homemade wheat bread but I wasn’t a fan so I figured it’s better to post no recipe then a bad recipe! So I will be re-working  the wheat bread recipe until I get it right and post it at a later time. I also never got to make my protein no-bake cookies, but I am hoping I can do that today and post it later tonight.

Although I didn’t get to post everything as planned I did get to post the following 21 day fix recipes: chicken parmesan, french fries, berry greek yogurt, apple desert, and I added on buffalo chicken wrap. I am pretty excited that I am able to share my 21 Day Fix recipes with everyone. This is such a great program and as long as you know all your options you can make with the approved foods you will never feel deprived! 

Again I am always open to ideas and if there is a recipe that you would like me to re-work for the Fix always feel free to e-mail me! 

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