Tuesday, August 26, 2014

To Binge or Not to Binge... That is Not the Question

Sometimes stress can get the best of us…and tonight is one of those nights for me. My daughter came home with a TON of homework tonight so I spent pretty much my whole evening arguing with her about doing it. There were a million other things I would have rather been doing but I spent my night stressing because she wasn’t getting it done on time and it was taking more time away from me getting my homework done too. 

Yep, that’s right my homework too.. My fall semester just started yesterday as well and I already need to have two chapters read and two assignments done by TOMORROW. Eeek! I thought this degree program was supposed to be geared towards working adults! Its nights like these I cannot wait until I am done with my bachelors! I just have to consistently remind myself that it’s “only 4 more classes!”. Just 4 more classes and then I will be done with school and I will finally be able to take a break and enjoy my time with my family more! 

But until that day comes, when there is no more school, it’s moments like these that it’s hard to not go out to the kitchen and devour the yummy moose tracks ice cream that I know is out in the freezer or to go binge on the chocolate chip cookies I know are in the cabinet. Whenever I’m stressed I always want to turn to food. It’s a built in reaction that I still fight to this day, but luckily I have not caved and have learned to some-what control it. Instead of caving I learned to take short little breaks for myself like right now. Instead of chowing down on that yummy ice cream with the cookies on top ;) I am sitting at my computer writing this quick blog until I spend the next 25 minutes doing some T-25. 

It’s because I am able to refocus myself that I am able to over come my compulsion to binge eat. I distract myself with things like blogs, helping others, and improving my overall fitness level. I drive myself daily to a better version of me and have learned that it’s ok to be a little selfish and take some time to work on myself for once.  

So my message is to all those moms out there who work and/or go to school and are raising their families… just hang tight, keep focused, and always set some time aside for you and your health. Remember that we cannot take good care of our loved ones if we are not taking good care of ourselves - both physically and emotionally. 

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