Sunday, August 3, 2014

Drink more water...your body will thank you

There is no denying the importance of water... at least now I can agree with that statement.

Before 2009, I was one of the many people out there that refuse to drink water...No, like seriously I drank no water and only got a little through the other things I drank (pop, juice, etc). The only time I tried to drink water before 2009 was when I was pregnant with my daughter; but before and after that it was zip zilch nada. No wonder I felt like crap! I was overly dehydrated and stuffed with extra fatty/salty foods that just made me feel even worse.

Since then though I have come to realize the importance of water and make sure to get at least 8 glasses in every day. If you are like the old me and need more convincing below are 6 important reasons from WebMD about why you should drink more water.
  1. Drinking water helps you maintain the balance of body fluids it needs. (Your body IS 60% water!) All of your organs are then able to balance out and function better.
  2. Water can help control calories. Believe it or not but water does make you feel fuller and it is known that people who are dehydrated get mixed signals and confuse thirst for hunger.
  3. It helps energize and repair your muscles
  4. It helps your skin look amazing (look younger!) and lessens dry skin. Dry skin can make one look more weathered and intensify the look of wrinkles. Make sure you are getting plenty of water so look refreshed.
  5. Helps your kidneys flush out toxins. When your body is dehydrated your kidneys cannot properly function and you actually end up retaining more water {which can make you look more bloated}. Ensuring you are getting enough H2O helps your body regulate and flush out any retained water and toxins.
  6. Helps with digestion. Water is an essential part of your body's digestive process. Tired of tummy aches? Make sure you are hydrated and eating enough healthy foods and you might be able to kiss those Tums goodbye for good!

Overall your body is able to function properly and you will feel AMAZING!!!

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