Thursday, August 21, 2014

Do I Have Food Sensitivities...?

When I was a young kid, between the ages of 10 to 13 I use to have a lot of stomach issues. I would lie awake at night miserable and the doctors never could figure out why. After time it faded away and as a teenager and young adult I pretty much ate whatever I wanted and never got really sick. However, after getting on my health kick in 2009 and sticking with it I have developed some pretty major food sensitivities. 

First it started with caffeine. I use to be able to chug as much caffeine as I wanted and be completely A O-K. Yep not anymore. So I have cut caffeine from my diet, which honestly is a great thing. I have given up pop minus a few slips and falls every once and awhile. 

Then last summer I discovered I can’t eat certain fatty foods. It had been awhile since I had any fair food, and I was really looking forward to having a cheat meal and eating a little cheese on the stick and funnel cake. Only after I had eaten half of a cheese on a stick, a handful of fries, and two bites of funnel cake I was beyond sick. I spent that whole evening feeling worse then miserable.. Let me tell you NOT FUN!

Now I have noticed that I feel weird after eating certain foods. I will feel sluggish, tired, and almost light headed after eating regular white pasta. I felt this way after eating a white bagel thin as well. Certain white breads don’t make me feel this way like homemade french bread. It’s weird. I can’t really place why only certain white carbs are making me feel this way and others aren’t. 

My overly paranoid self has me debating on seeing my family doctor to make sure that everything is ok; but I’m thinking my body is just giving me a reminder that I shouldn’t eat those foods. 

I have been doing some research online and I have seen a lot of other people go through this same process. And after thinking back to all the problems I had as a kid I now realize that it was the poor food choices that were causing all of my ailments.

If you have gone through this yourself or are presently going through this, I would love to hear feedback. It’s always nice knowing you aren’t alone! 

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